Fashion Business Murder (Part II)

Here I am! 🙂

Today, I’m going to tell you how ended the case of Maurizio Gucci’s murder!


Finally, nearly a year after the hit, an informant who had befriended Ivano Savioni, the doorman at a sleazy hotel near Gucci’s office building, called the police with a tip that broke the case. The doorman had been overhead bragging about how he had been contacted by Reggiani’s friend Auriemma, who had hired him to make all the arrangements based not on Reggiani’s directions, but instead on what she “knew” Reggiani wanted through her mind-reading.

Patrizia Reggiani was arrested and accused for hire the murder of her ex-husband. In her trial Reggiani admitted paying Auriemma $300,000, but she said it was “hush money” to keep Auriemma from dragging her into the case, not for arranging the murder, though she did testify that the sum would have been a fair price to see her husband dead. Auriemma admitted she was just channeling her friend. When the sorceress was arrested, the police found a note from Reggiani still attached to an empty gift box that said, “Leave me out of it and I’ll shower you with gold”.

imagesAuriemma was sentenced to 25 years as an accomplice, and she later confessed that the doorman subcontracted a desperately unemployed Sicilian named Benedetto Ceraulo, who was later sentenced to life in prison for the shooting, and a getaway driver named Orazio Cicala, whose gambling debts led him to take the job, who is serving 29 years as an accomplice. Doorman Savioni, who made the arrangements and cleaned up the evidence, was sentenced to 26 years.

++ OMICIDIO GUCCI: REGGIANI RINUNCIA ALLA SEMILIBERTA' ++So, Patrizia Reggiani hired a hitman to gun down her multi-millionaire ex-husband Maurizio after a maintenance dispute following an acrimonious divorce. She was jailed for 29 years in 1998, later reduced to 26 year on appeal.

In 1998 the head prosecutor ended his closing arguments with a poignant summation: “Maurizio is dead because of Patrizia’s hatred, Auriemma’s desire to remain a parasite, Savioni’s lust for money, Cicala’s gambling addiction, and Ceraulo’s dream to take his daughter out shopping”.

Gucci-580_74977aPatrizia Reggiani reported that she wanted revenge after Maurizio Gucci left her for another woman and agreed to pay her an unsatisfactory £ 400,000-a-year allowance. She also testified in court that she talked incessantly about killing him off: “I was asking everyone. I would have even asked the butcher; it was a mania with me”, she told the court, “But I didn’t really mean it”.

In 2011 she was given the chance of parole after having served half her sentence. But she told the board looking into her case: “No thanks as it would mean getting a job and I have never worked a day in my life”. She also added: “I would prefer to stay in my cell and water my plants”.

But… “coup de théâtre”: the so-called “Black widow” (even if she only ordered the murder) Patrizia Reggiani has been released after agreeing to parole – two years after she rejected an offer because it would mean getting a job. Now the former wife of fashion heir Maurizio Gucci has apparently changed her mind and taken up a part-time job at the Milan fashion house Bozart, where she will remain for the next three years until her sentence is complete, after she had time taken off for good behaviour. Judge Roberta Cossia agreed to her release after Reggiani’s lawyer Danilo Buongiorno presented a request and also added that she was willing to be taken into the care of social services while working as a style consultant at Bozart. It is a complete reversal from 2011 and Reggiani’s initial decision was not entirely a surprise to those that know her. She once famously summed up her lavish luxury lifestyle, which included apartments in Milan and St Moritz, by saying: “I’d rather cry in a Rolls then by happy on a bicycle”.


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